Establish Service

Sewer Connection Permits must be obtained at the Authority’s business office during regular business hours.  If you prefer, we can shorten your visit by having a permit ready for you.  Just call ahead with the necessary information:

  • Location of lot including Map/Block & Lot #
  • Owner’s name, current mailing address, and phone number
  • Contractor’s name, address, and phone number

In addition, a check in the amount of $2,750.00 made payable to W.A.A. is required before the permit can be issued.  This amount represents a tapping fee of $2,700.00 per EDU and a $50.00 fee for one inspection.  Should additional inspections be required, you will be billed $50.00 per inspection.

Rates & Fees


Tapping Fee: $2,700.00 per EDU

Residential – Monthly User Charge: $35.70 per EDU

Non-Residential – Monthly User Charge: $39.71 per EDU


Construction Inspections by WAA: $50.00/per Inspection Visit

Construction Inspections by Engineer: Per Engineer’s Standard Billing Rates

Sewer Connection Permit

Establish Service
Tapping Fee: $2,700.00
Inspection Fee: $50.00

Modifications to Service
Inspection Fee: $50.00

Real Estate Transfer
No Charge

Having Problems?

The Waymart Area Authority does not perform maintenance or conduct repairs of private laterals. If requested the Authority will verify that our main lines are flowing freely and not contributing to any backups of sewage.

If the service lateral must be replaced because of deterioration of the line or if it must be relocated for construction, a sewer permit must be obtained and the construction inspected by W.A.A.

Visit the links below to learn more about establishing or modifying sewer connections, transferring, real estate or a new owner, general W.A.A. rules and regulations, and rates & fees for W.A.A. Services.

Modification to Service
Real Estate Transfer
Rules & Regulations
Appendix A – Definitions
Appendix B – Rate Schedule
Appendix C – Tapping Fees
Appendix D – EDU Allocation
Appendix E – Construction Specs
Appendix F-Construction Details